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Tag Archive: ADHD


Mindfulness Training for Children & Teens with Attention Deficits

  Milestones in the Making is PROUD to Introduce: Yoga & Mindfulness Training for Children & Teens with Attention Deficits! Our Workshops premiered May 5th & have continued ALL SUMMER LONG WHAT: Yoga workshops for small groups of children ages 4-13! Instructors will introduce strategies for better management of ADHD symptoms, including distractibility & impulsivity; through the use …

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Adult ADHD Myths, Prejudices

A Canadian newspaper recently ran an article about a woman finding out that her doctor, after being under his care for more than 30 years, admitted to having ADHD. She said, “It kind of blew my mind.” Her doctor didn’t fit her stereotype of an adult with ADHD. http://www.additudemag.com/adhdblogs/11/9472.htm


Foods as a Complement Treatment for ADHD

This is an excellent reminder…. For Kids With ADHD, Some Foods May Complement Treatment : NPR www.npr.org A review has found that eliminating foods from a child’s diet is usually not enough to effectively treat attention deficit disorders. Instead, researchers recommend a healthy diet high in protein and low in processed, sugary foods.


ADHD and Medication

Medication use as an essential component in the treatment of ADHD….One evaluator’s perspective. In the course of my consultations with parents, I often discuss the use of medication as one component of a multimodal treatment plan to treat symptoms of ADHD…


ADHD Routines

Although routines or consistent schedules are important for school days, they are just as important for weekends and holiday vacation. Routines and structure build appropriate behaviors….so create holiday routines for your child with an without ADHD. Your life and theirs will be easier. Reliable Routines for ADHD Children (and Their Parents!)