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Potty Training: Five Sensory Secrets for Success!


Potty Training: Five Sensory Secrets for Success!

July 9, 2012 By 
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Potty training…is it a sensory issue? My answer is definitely “Yes!”

Children who struggle with sensory processing often find potty training to be a daunting task that often leads to a battle of the wills that nobody actually wins. Using the potty is actually a very complicated life skill that involves adequate registration and interpretation of the sensation of a full bladder, transitioning away from an activity in order to deal with the need to toilet,communication of the need to a caregiver, motor planning to stabilize on the toilet while releasing the bladder, tolerating significant tactile input as clothing is removed and put back on again, tolerating auditory input from the close proximity of caregivers as well as the flushing of the toilet, and more. No wonder it’s such a big milestone!