Office Policies and Fees

We strive to provide to the fullest extent possible, a positive provider/client relationship. Please be assured that we are always working in the best interest of your child. In order to accomplish this, we must ask for your full understanding and adherence to our policies listed below.

Yulia Tamayo & Lisa Schiavoni’s
Office Policies & Fee Schedule


Evaluation fees are $250.00 per contact hour. Please note that sessions usually last 1.5 to 2.0 hours each. This fee is inclusive of test protocols, scoring the tests, dictating the report, transcription, editing, initial copying and mailing/faxing. A $250.00** retainer fee (1 hour of testing) must be received forty-eight hours (48) hours after the scheduling of the first appointment. If the retainer is not received at least forty-eight (48) hours after appointments are scheduled, all appointments will be canceled.

It is not necessary for both parents to attend the evaluations, as no immediate verbal feedback will be given at that point. Unless your child would like the parent to stay, you may drop off your child and pick him/her up at the end of the session(s).

Following the final evaluation session, you can expect to receive your written report 15 business days after the last testing session (excluding holidays). After receipt and review of your report, please contact us if you desire follow-up consultation. This is optional and scheduled only at parent request.  There will be a fee for consultation as outlined below.


The first 15 minutes of initial consultation (before testing) is complimentary. If an additional consultation time is requested, (after testing) the consultation (office-based or telephone) and written correspondence fee is $100.00 per contact hour with a minimum of one-half hour billed.

Consultation (i.e., IEP meetings) held at locations other than the office (School, physician office, home, daycare, preschool, social service agency, etc.) Will be billed at $125.00 per hour with a minimum of one hour billed. If the meeting should run over the minimum one hour being charged, you will be billed accordingly and is due upon receipt.

Court Testimony will be billed at $350.00 per contact hour.


Payment is due at the time service is rendered. Contracts for installment payments ARE NOT available. Cash, check, Visa and MasterCard are welcome. Should your check be returned to our office as non-payable, there will be a $35.00 fee assessed to cover handling charges.


Our office does not file health insurance claims directly. Necessary documentation will happily be provided to the insured (At the time of report distribution), but he/she must file independently.   However, we would strongly recommend each individual check with his/her insurance carrier regarding payment of services rendered by a Licensed School Psychologist (Ed.S. not Ph.D or Ed.D.) and also regarding limitations of service on any one day.  The procedure code for testing is 96101. They may also require our tax ID# 59-3421510.

Cancellation policy

If cancellations occur with less than 72 hours (3 days) notice, we reserve the right to charge for appointments canceled. A missed appointment fee of $100 will apply, except in cases of illness or emergency.


Any attempts to collect on a balance that is past due will results in the charges being passed on to the parent or guardian. In the event of litigation, the debtor shall, in such litigation, reimburse Schiavoni and Associates, Inc., Milestones in the Making for all reasonable attorney fees and court costs, and any other fees assessed in the collection attempts in this matter.

I have read and fully understand and agree to all terms outlined and will abide by the Office Policies of Lisa Schiavoni & Associates, Inc.

Both parents hereby give their permission do have this evaluation performed.

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Brianna Schiavoni’s
Office Policies & Fee Schedule

FL License NO: SW11123

Counseling * Academic/Organizational/ADHD Coaching * Group-Work * Innovative Programming

We aim to establish a positive & productive Client-Provider Relationship by establishing clear expectations for the professional & business aspects of our relationship from the onset of service provision. Please be assured that we are always working in the best interest of your child, which oftentimes requires caregiver participation. For best outcomes, we ask that you carefully review the following information – by signing, you agree to a full understanding & adherence to the office policies listed below:

    1. Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic outcomes vary depending on the personalities of the therapist & the client(s); the nature of particular issues being addressed; length of treatment; & strategies used. All forms of mental &/or behavioral healthcare have both benefits & risks. Risks may include, experiencing uncomfortable feelings &/or working with unpleasant realities/expectations/life-events. Benefits oftentimes include, a significant reduction of stress/distress, symptom alleviation, improved relationships &/or the resolution of specific problems. Success in therapy does require hard work on your child’s part &/or the part of a guardian/caregiver – both during & between sessions.

    1. Intake

During the first session, Ms. Brianna Schiavoni will:

  • Review therapist roles & responsibilities with the client and with > 1 supervising adult present – when applicable.
  • Ask the referring adult to identify > 1 reason for referral (i.e. > ‘presenting problem’) in front of the child – when applicable.
  • Use developmentally appropriate tools to help youth & family to better determine ‘goodness of fit’ with Ms. Schiavoni as the potential provider, while developing client-provider rapport via interactive games &/or motivational interviewing.
  • Provide psycho-education on relevant concerns/problems as needed (e.g. information re: the epidemiology, diagnosis &/or treatment options for AD/HD).
  • Support youth in establishing > 1 therapeutic objective (i.e. ‘goal’) for continued work with Milestones’ staff &/or provide other recommendations/referrals for continuity of the client’s care.
  1. Assessment & Treatment Planning

Over the course of subsequent sessions, Ms. Brianna Schiavoni will:

  • Inquire about any special circumstances that might affect the nature of therapeutic intervention (e.g. medical conditions & corresponding treatments, family dynamics, financial concerns, school/work/travel schedules, etc.).
  • Secure appropriate release information, such as educational reports, summary records of previous treatment, consultation with collaborative treatment providers, etc.
  • Determine best options for appointment times, frequency of sessions &/or the ways through which Ms. Schiavoni can maintain parent/family communication/participation.
  • Develop a relatively flexible treatment plan consistent with the mutually agreed upon goals.
    1. Generally speaking, healthcare laws (HIPPA) protect the confidentiality of all communications between a client & his/her mental health counselor – regardless of age. As a result, this office can only release information about a client to his/her guardians at the therapist’s discretion & with verbalized permission granted by the client.
    2. Information can be disclosed to alternate healthcare providers, educators, &/or alternate third parties only when the conditions of (a) have been met and a signed release* form has been placed on file by the respective guardian.
    3. Issues specific to confidentiality are discussed at intake – when both the minor & the supervising adult are present & able to verbalize respective understanding.
    4. The only exceptions to the state rules that govern confidentiality – & thereby ‘mandate’ that a clinician discloses pertinent information to the correct authorities regardless of client/family authorization – include:
      1. GENERAL

While providing professional, therapeutic services is our primary means of income, Milestones in the Making values affordable & accessible healthcare; & recognizes the long-term financial hardships of families managing chronic conditions.

It is important to our staff and vital to our business that fees remain fair, competitive to that of our colleagues, & – yet – do not preclude the provision of services to any/all interested parties. To this end, Ms. Brianna Schiavoni reserves 1-2 weekly appointment slots for individuals &/or families who find it an insurmountable hardship to pay the full fees as indicated below.

If your family is experiencing (A) unemployment; (B) underemployment; &/or (C) can make a case for special circumstances; please contact Ms. Brianna who will determine – on an individual case basis – whether or not our office can afford to offer additional reduced rates of payment.

Options for payment plans can be discussed with our office staff by calling 352.374.7155 at any time.

  1. RATES

In an effort to promote equity in accessibility to mental healthcare, nearly all of Ms. Brianna’s fees are offered at sliding-scale rates. For those that pay at a higher rate of service, please note that Ms. Schiavoni uses ‘extra earnings’ to supplement the cost of providing services at $0.00 &/or at further discounted rates – to families in-need &/or to the community at-large.

In other words, we like to think that by offering services this way: “Those that can, may choose to help those that cannot”…

Income verification is not necessary nor is it required for contracted sliding-scale services listed below. We value self-determination & respect that there is variety in family investment strategies – the amount that you select at the end of this document will in no way affect the quality of care that you &/or your family receives.

While most appointments will be scheduled for an hour in duration, Ms. Schiavoni reserves the right to utilize the final 10 minutes of each session to complete a case note &/or write a follow-up note to parents unable to attend session. Furthermore, in the event that your family goes over the allotted appointment time – Ms. Schiavoni reserves the right to bill at additional ¼ hour intervals.

Thereafter, services are billed at a rate selected by you & as follows:

  • $75 – 150.00 per Hour
  • $20 – $35 per ¼ (0.25) Hour
  • $15-25.00 Travel Fee**

When families elect for in-home or on-site service delivery, a $15-25 travel fee will be applied based on travel distance (i.e. $15 if < 10 miles round-trip; $25 travel fee if 10-20 miles)

**Available only to clients receiving a form of ‘coaching’ – the provision of mental health services in personal environments can result in role-confusion &/or negatively impact the client-provider relationship.


At times, additional consultation may be warranted to address emerging issues with adult supports such as: Parents/Guardians, Teachers, &/or Alternate Professional Providers. Professional consultation, which includes a review of clinical outcomes, data-analysis &/or individualized tool development; may also be warranted in particular circumstances for best practice & to ensure best outcomes.

Additional consultation, whether it be shared or independent; office-based, on-site, via telephone or in the form of written correspondence, such as email or text; will be billed in quarter-hour intervals based on your family’s predetermined sliding scale fee for service (noted at the end of this document); & at the therapist’s discretion.

Consultation conducted at locations other than the Milestones’ office (e.g. 504 or IEP School Meeting) will be billed at the same, predetermined hourly rate (+ applicable travel fee) & with a minimum of one hour billed. Fees will be scheduled in increments of quarter-hour intervals thereafter.

*PLEASE NOTE: Consultation with alternate providers, such as teachers & pediatricians, will result only after written permission (i.e. Office Release) has been placed on file by this office staff. To expedite this process, the Office Release has been uploaded along with all other intake paperwork under <NEW CLIENT> tab at


These services are specialized & available to select clients & families as seen fit. The following are examples of ‘maintenance’ services provided by Ms. Brianna Schiavoni via Milestones in the Making &/or with alternate area agencies. Please note the corresponding fee schedule for these services, which may be adjusted by our staff to meet particular needs as seen fit:

Parent Coaching Billed at 0.25 HR Rate
Phone &/or Text Messaging:

Youth, Guardian, Alternate Third Parties*

Billed at 0.25 HR Rate

At the therapist’s discretion


Youth, Guardian, Alternate Third Parties*

Billed at 0.25 HR Rate

At the therapist’s discretion

Interest-Specific &/or Empowerment Group Programs Will Vary at Sliding-Scale Rates
Therapeutic Yoga $30 per 90 Minute Group Session

$45 per 60 Minute Private Session

10-Class Pass (Group Sessions): $200

Yoga 4 Caregivers
Community Yoga***  
Will Vary at Sliding-Scale &/or Donation
***For typically developing youth only
Therapeutic Day or Overnight Camps Will Vary at Sliding-Scale Rates
Summer Camp Initiatives Will Vary at Sliding-Scale Rates

Group & other types of maintenance programs are modified throughout the year & are oftentimes in collaboration with paraprofessionals. These innovative programs are offered to address pervasive ‘problems’ &/or to supplement the needs of participating clientele.

For up-to-date information on these & other programs offered by Ms. Brianna Schiavoni, please visit:


Ms. Brianna Schiavoni is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW, #SW1123) & identified national provider for the provision of mental health services. At this time, Ms. Schiavoni is unable to establish ‘in-network’ provider status, which requires > 7 years of licensed practice in the state of Florida.

Ms. Schiavoni is, however, considered an ‘out-of-network’ provider by most insurance companies. For more information as to the amount covered by out-of-network providers by your family’s insurance company – we encourage you to contact an insurance representative.

For those of you interested in filing claims with your health insurance company, we are happy to provide you with an invoice, including applicable diagnostic & procedural codes; but expect payment to be rendered at the time of service. Whether or not your insurance will provide reimbursement for a percentage of fees paid to our office in advance, is entirely contingent on your healthcare policy & details wherein – negotiated between you & your insurance company.

Please contact our office manager for further info &/or to acquire said paperwork at 352-374-7155.


A 48-hour advance notice is required for non-emergency appointment cancellations &/or requests to ‘reschedule’. In the event that notice is received with less than 48 hours notice, we reserve the right to charge one hour’s worth of time.

In the event of verifiable illness/emergency, we will certainly waive the fee but may request additional documentation as ‘proof’.


Services are oftentimes contracted for an indefinite period of time; however, the need for continuation of services will be re-evaluated by both parties at regular intervals. Both parties maintain the right to terminate therapeutic services. To end therapy at any time without moral, legal, or financial obligation beyond payment for completed sessions; we would like to make the following requests:

  • Should you decide between sessions to withdraw yourself &/or your child from therapy, Ms. Brianna requests that you/your child attend at least one additional session to discuss your reasons & to allow for closure. A desire to terminate can sometimes be a result of misinterpretation, miscommunications, &/or the painfulness of the material being addressed. Despite rationale, allowing for therapeutic closure between a minor & his/her trusted therapist is strongly recommended to avoid interpersonal complications for your child.
  • If you/your child is participating in group therapy, it is also recommended that prior to termination; you/your child attend a final group session to avoid harmful misinterpretations &/or allow for appropriate closure for all participants involved.
  • Communication regarding your rationale for termination, along with your needs/intentions for continued interventions; are of utmost importance to the therapeutic process. Should you decide to terminate therapy with Ms. Schiavoni, we will provide you with resource referrals &/or alternate assistance with treatment planning as needed.

Any attempts to collect on a balance that is past due will result in billable charges to the parent or guardian. In the event of litigation, the debtor shall – in such litigation – reimburse Milestones in the Making for all reasonable attorney fees &/or court costs.

Payment is due at the time services are rendered. We accept cash, check (payable to Milestones in the Making) & all major credit cards via Square.
Should your check be returned to our office as non-payable, there will be a $35.00 fee assessed to cover handling charges.

By signing this document, I hereby affirm that I have read, fully-understand and agree-to all terms outlined herein. I will abide by the Office Policies of Milestones in the Making, Lisa Schiavoni & Associates, Inc. Both parents hereby give their permission to proceed in rendering these contracted services.

Signatures & Payment Rates Contracted Upon Signature