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Help your toddler sleep through the night | MILESTONES IN THE MAKING

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Help your toddler sleep through the night

Tips and techniques for getting your child or toddler to sleep through the night without waking up.

Toddlerssometimes have a difficult time sleeping through the night. This sleep disruption can be caused by many factors. If you have a toddler, you’re probably anxious to get them to sleep soundly so you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep as well.

On the average, experts recommend that a toddler should have between twelve and thirteen hours of sleep every day/night. This includes an afternoon nap if your son or daughter takes one.

To help your toddler get their needed rest, you should make their bedtime a nighttime ritual. That means, that you’ll need to get your young your son or daughter ready for bed at the same time every night. Most children are creatures of habit, and getting ready for bed on a set schedule can help their bodies adjust accordingly.

A warm, soothing bath will help your toddler relax and calm down in the evening. There are even bath water additives on the market that can help soothe your toddler by putting vapors into the air. Breathing these vapors will, according to the advertisements, help calm and relax your child.

The smell of lavender is also a relaxing fragrance that can actually calm and relax.

After the bath is finished, and your child has his or her pajamas on, you should also spend some time with them before you tuck them in to help quiet them down for the night. Relaxing activities include reading them a bedtime story while you snuggle with them, singing to them, and playing with them quietly. Don’t let them roughhouse, watch television, or engage in any other activity that is not calm and quiet.

Then, when bedtime finally arrives, tuck your child into their bed, shut off their bedroom light, and tip toe out of their room.

If your child cries or resists falling asleep, experts recommend that you let them alone for approximately fifteen minutes. Then, you can go back to their bedroom and check on them briefly.

Take a minute or two to make sure they are okay. Reassure them that you are there and that everything’ s okay, too. If your toddler crawls, or tries to crawl out of their bed, you’ll need to tuck them back in and reinforce the idea that they are to stay there and go to sleep for the night.

As hard as it may be to do, you need to resist staying with them or they’ll expect it every night.

You can try to play soothing music at a low volume level in your child’s bedroom if they resist sleeping too. Or, maybe a small night light turned on would help to soothe them. Oftentimes, toddlers become afraid of the dark because they hear strange noises. And, it’s scary to a child when they think there’s a monster underneath their bed that’s waiting to eat them in the dark!

Another thing you can do during the day to help your young son or daughter sleep through the night is to keep them active by encouraging play and other energetic activities. The noise might drive you nuts, but the activities will help to drain your toddler’sseemingly boundless energy.

You can also try to shorten your son or daughter’s nap time. If they usually nap for two hours in the afternoon, for example try waking them up after an hour instead. This simple trick will actually help them be more tired at bedtime.