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Photo Gallery

Because at times, pictures really do speak louder than words…


We like to help our clients develop practical tools for use at home. Here, our friend is working hard to decorate a ‘Vacation Spot’, where he can retreat when tough emotions get in the way. ——————————————-






———————–Much of what we do stems from behavioral models of intervention.
In this photo, our client is enjoying the benefits of hard work – a trip to play with Mr. Eric & his Lego Mansion!





While helping children to identify their deficits – & to develop skills for compensation – we feel that it is extra important to promote individual strengths. Here, our friend was taken to the notorious 34th Street Wall to ‘celebrate his creative mind’ during a theme-oriented afternoon filled with various activities to complement ADHD strengths. ————-



We know that every client with whom we work, has an individual mind with individual processing preferences. When we present new information to our clients, we like to do it in as many ways as possible. For example, yoga materials are presented as visuals with various associations; discussed among participants; demonstrated by an instructor AND practiced both in class & at home.


————–SPEAKING OF YOGA – our staff values providing our clients with access to as many forms of treatment as possible. In lieu of a growing body of research supporting yoga & mindfulness training for treatment of chronic conditions like ADHD & symptoms like anxiety; Ms. Brianna sought out a certification in children’s yoga (CCYT) with Rainbow Kids Yoga Alliance. These days, she is working hard to bring the joys of children’s yoga to as many kids & families in the greater Gainesville area as is possible.
For MORE INFO on Kid’s Yoga opportunities with Ms. B, please reference our “Kid’s Yoga” Tab 🙂