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Cosplay 101: Tweens & Teens!

Ms. B is excited to announce a NEW WORKSHOP SERIES available to all MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS in the greater Gainesville area!  Participants will learn about the art & culture of Cosplay (i.e. costume role-play &/or character design) from one of Gainesville’s community ‘cosplayers’ – Ms. Gracie Brown.  As always, our staff will make use of – what we hope will be – a dynamic group of creative youth interested in learning more about this rising hobby; by facilitating meaningful discussion & team-building activities.

Interested parties are encouraged to view the attached flyer (& event details below) & to reserve a spot by emailing Ms. B at with your child’s name, age & contact information. TO EXPEDITE THE PROCESS, folks can proceed with completion of this cosplay intake form.

Pending sufficient interest, Ms. B will continue to facilitate additional Cosplay workshops with Ms. Gracie &/or alternate members of performing arts groups; in preparation for participation in SwampCon (February 2015).

Cosplay 101 Flyer >> EVENT DATE: Saturday, Sept 20th > 1PM-5PM @ StillPoint Therapy Center (NW 39th Ave)

“I love cosplay because we can use it to change into somebody that is different from the person we think we are… Cosplay crosses over the nationality, gender and age barriers in everything. Because of that, it’s easier to make new friends and to be open-minded. It’s not about ‘judging’ but just ‘looking’ – “Oh!I love your style. You’re so creative – I would never have thought to do that”. There’s no reason not to like one another in the world of Cosplay – the limits of expression are endless.” ~Anonymous 19 year-old cisgendered Female

Cosplay to me is way more than just one word… I have been lucky enough to experience such wonderful events and people that I would have never been able to experience without it. I have made great friends and have been to some cool conventions, each time as a different character with different personalities! Cosplay means so much to me because without it, I would have never found qualities in myself that I would have thought could even pull off some of the stuff I can make today. Cosplay has been a creative outlet for me as well as a fun and unique experience… So cosplay to me means, a lifetime of memories, friends, and self appreciation.”  ~Anonymous 14 year-old cisgendered Male