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Big-Lil’ Brother Camp: Take Two in JULY!

Boy’s Camp: Second Round: July 18 & 25, 2014

Ms. B was excited to host a total of 10 campers & 2 college-aged volunteers in July for the Second-Ever Big-Brother, Lil’Brother Boys Camp. The visible “spectrum” of symptom-severity played an extra special role among youth, who all share a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Ms. B structured this summer’s boys camps with activities to help her clients develop a deeper sense of self-awareness; familiarity with their learning “differences”; along with “tools & tricks” to help improve attention, emotional calm, communication, & social problem-solving skills. Because there are so very few opportunities for these kids to practice these critical skills, Ms. B intends to maintain a “Boys Group” of sorts throughout the school year. Details to follow & posted under the “Kids Yoga” tab on this website.

Interested in some visual highlights? Read On!

First Team Challenge… 

A little AcroYoga 🙂


Another Team Challenge – “Sneak-A-Peek”


A different kind of meditation… silent Shark’s tooth expedition at Hogtowne Creek!

And (of course) a “SILLY” camp photo 🙂