About Milestones

A school psychology and intervention practice dedicated to children, adolescents and their families. We conduct evaluation, consultation, counseling, coaching and intervention services with individuals from birth through early adulthood.  We strive to provide our clients and their families with the best available services.

Who we are!


Lisa G. Schiavoni, M.S., Ed.S., N.C.S.P.
Licensed School Psychologist
Early Interventionist

Lisa Schiavoni, Ed.S. is a Florida licensed School Psychologist and Early Interventionist who has been practicing for over 25 years. She specializes in the provision of services to children & families in North Central Florida, where she has kept her private practice open & operating in the city of Gainesville, thanks to an ever-growing & highly-valued group of referring specialists; in addition to word-of-mouth (which she considers to be the most flattering of complements).

Specialties include, comprehensive evaluations of children with learning disorders, attention and executive dysfunction disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders; consultation and advocacy with schools, agencies and families; home-based family centered early intervention services to children with developmental disabilities and complex medical conditions.


Yulia M. Tamayo, Ed.S., N.C.S.P.

Licensed School Psychologist

Yulia Tamayo, Ed.S. is a nationally certified and Florida licensed school psychologist. She achieved her graduate degree from the University of Florida. A career in school psychology fulfills her longstanding love for psychology and her vocation as an educator, inherited from her parents who are both former educators. Yulia is also a native speaker of Spanish and is passionate about helping children who are English Language Learners (ELL) and their families.

Over the past five years, including one year of internship, Yulia has worked as a school psychologist in the Alachua County Public Schools. Through her fieldwork and ongoing participation in state and national professional conferences, Yulia has strengthen her skills in comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations (including bilingual evaluations), functional behavior assessments, academic and behavior interventions, and collaboration with families and other professionals. Additionally, she has gained a solid understanding of education regulations and their implications for day-to-day school procedures, making her a strong child advocate.

Yulia is excited to join the Milestones in the Making team…


Brianna Schiavoni, MSW, L.C.S.W.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Brianna holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology & a Masters in Clinical Social Work; she is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW, SW11123) & Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher (CCYT). Brianna was born at Shands UF and feels fortunate to have grown-up under the wing of a strong, female role-model – reputable developmentalist & esteemed educational advocate. After high school, Brianna spent a solid decade away from home & in pursuit of her own interests and desired skill-sets; although there was never a doubt as to whether or not she would work with children.

Subsequent personal and professional endeavors provided Brianna with valuable experiences in crisis intervention, medical social work, developmental psychology, art & play therapy, behavioral analysis, public health education & outreach, case management & environmental-disaster relief. Brianna works with children, adolescents & young adults on a variety of common problems including but not limited to: anger & impulse control; anxiety; depression; academic under-achievement; interpersonal conflict; social-skills development; self-esteem & body image; bullying; and management of chronic conditions, both biologically- &/or behaviorally-based.

In collaboration with her mother – Ms. Lisa – and in lieu of particular unmet needs in our community, Brianna continues to develop a model of coaching specific to children with executive functioning deficits, who are commonly diagnosed with AD/HD. Brianna’s curriculum aims to teach students the skills necessary to ‘become a productive member of society’ (i.e. improved organization, memory, attention-to-task & emotional self-regulation &/or -control.) To better ‘reach & teach’ youth of all shapes & sizes – these ‘mindful’ practices; Brianna became a Certified Rainbow Kids Yoga Instructor in 2012. She teaches yoga & other mindfulness-based strategies to help her clients (& their families) in reaching their goals, whether introduced in-session or in a group. She facilitates therapeutic yoga classes for youth of various age groups at alternating times & venues. For more info, please visit our ‘Kid’s Yoga’ tab.


Tammy Dampier, A.S.
Office Manager

Tammy Dampier is a recent college graduate of City College.  Tammy received an A.S. degree in Medical Office with Billing and Coding upon graduation; She is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree  in Health Care Administration. Tammy handles day-to-day business operations, including scheduling, and accounting.   (and a valued member of this office’s staff )


Sadie The Greyhound
Office Pet *RIP: 12/2016*

Sadie was rescued from the Thomasville, GA racetrack in 2007 at age three. A majority of greyhounds are given-up by their race owners between 2 & 3 years of age, at which time they begin to slow-down. Like most greyhounds, Sadie is incredibly docile – more like a deer than a dog, really.

Sadie loves to be loved & can be seen lounging about the office (or nuzzling-up to office guests) from time to time. If you &/or your child do not want to participate in pet therapy, please let our staff know & we will ensure alternate arrangements. 

She has volunteered with the pet therapy program at Shands’ Children’s Hospital & at fundraising events for Gold Coast Greyhound Adoptions.